Mr.Red’s adventure – The Missing Balls.

(Available for free. Win, MacLinux, Kongregate, Gamejolt, Newgrounds)

Mr Red’s adventure in The Missing Balls is a fun and hard platformer where you play as the red hand puppet Mr Red and try collecting the 24 lost balls scattered through 14 levels of christmas joy and evil gnomes.
And it has a final evil boss that holds the last ball of them all…
Warning! This game is PERMADEATH! So beware! And it will be free, since it’s Christmas!


mrredgameThe legend of Mr.Red

” I’m not a woman, I’n not a man… I’m a puppet! And you know you are too…” (Mr.Red philosophy)

He was born under the time we tried to do our crowd funding campaign for Fran Bow . As many know, he is a very young clever little puppet that followed us under the whole experience of crowd funding.
He also made many appearances in many videos and did a music video telling the story of our journey! Here is the link to that video.

The only thing we can say is that we owe him a lot of laughs and to make this game was a very fun experience! Hope you all like it!


red_screen_06 red_screen_05 red_screen_03red_screen_02red_screen_10




10 thoughts on “Mr.Red’s adventure – The Missing Balls.

  1. AlienMind says:

    Wow. Do you really eat “Pepper Cookies” ?

  2. MDKrause says:

    Thanks for the Little Christmas pressent!!!
    Wounderful work. I like youre stile of games. 🙂


  3. Ed says:

    Best first comment ever!

  4. […] bueno tenemos un juego gratuito, un pequeño regalo de navidad muy divertido disponible para todo el que quiera y que esperemos que […]

  5. djcj says:

    If the game doesn’t start on Linux, it might need the 32-bit
    On Ubuntu and Debian install libssl1.0.0:i386:
    sudo apt-get install libssl1.0.0:i386

  6. akhil says:

    Guys. You havn’t mentioned your email address nor your FB link anywhere.Kindly drop a message to my official address.Thanks alot

  7. […] Non sapete come passare le feste? Potete giocare gratuitamente a Mr. Red Adventure The Missing Ball su Newgrounds, o scaricarlo dove preferite seguendo i link nel post ufficiale sul sito di Killmonday. […]

  8. feng says:

    l like fran bow more than mr red

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