Jam Games!

These are games we have made during different game jams in a very short period of time!



Sunblaztor –

For Ludum dare 30, with the theme “Connecting Worlds”

Made in 24 hours.

Play it on Gamejolt!

screen_06– Candy Puppet Saga –

The third jam game for the Candyjam! Made in 72 hours.

Download for Windows




asdf– Penpals –

Our second jam game made in 72 hours with the theme “10 Seconds”.

Made with Alexander Haslam from Armoured Crow.

Play it on your browser!



Run N' Destroy– Run N’ Destroy – 

Our first jam game made in 72 hours with the theme “You are the villain”.

Currently only available for Windows.



One thought on “Jam Games!

  1. […] In the beginning we were a bit lost and scared. We did not knew things that today we can. About the coding part, Isak made the whole first chapter but then he erased everything and did the coding again, because with the time he learned a lot. I also did all the graphics again, because I was not satisfied with it. Fran Bow has been a school it self and when we realized that the game was alive in some way… we realized that this wasn’t going to be just a little game… this was going to be very big! A long trip! A story that gather many years… There was a period when we left Fran Bow aside, not because we did not wanted to work on it anymore. To the opposite, we wanted to lean more to really make the Fran Bow game that Fran Bow deserves. So we did a mini game called Pixxxel (something really silly and sexy) And we also made a Ludum Dare Jam, the game we did then was Run and Destroy. Pixxxel Run n Destroy […]

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