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Different Galaxy Devblog #4

Hello, space-friends!

We have finally released a new devblog video about how things are going with the development of Different Galaxy. So far everything is going very smoothly, and we have managed to get all the big chunks done (backgrounds and code) for the kickstarter demo, so now we can start moving in to the detail phase where we will start putting in all animations, dialogues, interactions and atmosphere, as well as start testing!

We have also promised to ourselves to make a devblog once a month! This way we can push ourselves to always try to deliver something at the end of each month. And did you know, we are livestreaming every sunday 17.00 CET, from our youtube channel? You should come and hang out!

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Hello super-awesomes! Our third development video of Different Galaxy is now done! This is footage from the end of summer up until December 2016. Now with the year soon being over, we can’t wait to jump in to development in overdrive mode for 2017 where we want to release a demo alongside a kickstarter for the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

We also visited London to meet up with other fellow adventure creators and it was very cool! You can check out our trip there in the video below!

Goscurry… Is finally done!


Goscurry, a hard game made by our friend Daniele Giardini, is finally done! He has worked his stallion sweat over a year to get the game done! And now.. it’s done! And we are super happy for him! We met when both him and us started with our projects, Fran Bow and Goscurry. Isak got the honour of doing a tune for his game, and after Daniele went dancing with it he made the entire soundtrack, so he is very happy and proud today too!

We wish him the best of all lucks and that people enjoy this gem of a game, because it is really something awesome that will blow most of your brains out!

Check out the release trailer and then jump straight to for more! There’s even a playable alpha demo on the site so you can try it out!

And lastly, help Goscurry get on Steam! It would really be awesome competing against everyone for the highscore with the Steam users included! 

This is the last known photo of Mr Giardini. So you know the face of the one responsible of your future Goscurryrage!


Fran Bow, updated demo and android version!

With less than 30 days left on our crowd funder we decided to update the DEMO so that it has more of the Fran Bow spirit we want it to have.

  • New sound design
  • More animations
  • A new secret character has a quest appearance
  • Tons of bug fixes

We also released the demo on Google Play! So now you can experience the horrors of Fran Bow where ever you go!

Now what’s our next step? We need to get noticed by more people! That’s the biggest part of our time right now. We have had so many lovely people helping us already who we are so grateful of meeting. It feels like people really feel with Fran and that’s what we wanted to happen! See past the horror, the gore and the hideous world and just care for Fran. It’s amazing! Now we need to reach the bigger news sites, so that people who don’t know about Fran do! It is really hard when it’s just the two of us, with no name behind us or connections, but we will prevail! For us, the crowd funder is already a big victory, and it would be even greater for everyone that has supported us that we see it made! That way we can actually finish the game!

Youtubers have proven to be a huge help, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!


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The Fran Bow Mega-News Update!


Making a fundraiser, trying to reach out and completing the demo has been really much work for us two! Especially since I have been forced to work overtime at my day job(which is now turning into day+night job), so Natalia is handling most of the social thing. But that’s good, because she is charming! This is a really fun and tough experience for us both. We are learning so much and getting to know a lot of cool new people! Even if the fundraiser is going really slow right now, it feels good… The demo wasn’t a disaster at least! That was a huge relief to both of us.


We released the Fran Bow demo now! It’s available for WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC! 

We also made Fran go to Steam Greenlight! Hopefully we can reach more people and start building a lovely community who wants to be a part of the process!

Download page!

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DOT Space Hero


Just a few days ago, our friends Carlos and Isaac from, released their first game DOT Space Hero on the holy iOS. They put their lives aside for over a year to make it happen, and it’s truly a game made with love!


The illustrations are carefully handdrawn with a pure feeling and hard work! The story is there too, and you have the challenging gameplay. Personally, I have a hard time with these 2d scrolling shooters, but DOT is a strong character and I don’t just jump around and shoot stuff, I want to get that sweet stardust and find the bad guy!

Then they released it, and I was almost as nervous as they were ( I can’t imagine! ).. The dream that all that hard work, sacrifice and mindblowing drawing & coding would pay off is always there, and so is the reality. I followed the leaderboards after the launch and saw it rising, and I had to take the nr 1 place of course (but Carlos just beat me in that!) but when I asked them, the amount of players with the amount of sales didn’t match! I was mindfucked!


For a game, with all that love put into and all that time, just hours after launch, it had been pirated by tons of sites! Even for iOS, that I thought was harder to pirate! Now I’m not anti-piracy at all, I do my sins also, but this was incredible. I can only wish them the best of luck out there, and that their game gets the reception it deserves, because it’s a fantastic little game and the price is already a robbery if you ask me!

a003So if you are into beautiful 2d shooters, and spacy stardust, support them! Being one of the people of the internet, one can only do what one can do, and often even a small thing can lead to two happy indie developers! DOT Space Hero

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