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Different Galaxy Devblog #4

Hello, space-friends!

We have finally released a new devblog video about how things are going with the development of Different Galaxy. So far everything is going very smoothly, and we have managed to get all the big chunks done (backgrounds and code) for the kickstarter demo, so now we can start moving in to the detail phase where we will start putting in all animations, dialogues, interactions and atmosphere, as well as start testing!

We have also promised to ourselves to make a devblog once a month! This way we can push ourselves to always try to deliver something at the end of each month. And did you know, we are livestreaming every sunday 17.00 CET, from our youtube channel? You should come and hang out!

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Hello super-awesomes! Our third development video of Different Galaxy is now done! This is footage from the end of summer up until December 2016. Now with the year soon being over, we can’t wait to jump in to development in overdrive mode for 2017 where we want to release a demo alongside a kickstarter for the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

We also visited London to meet up with other fellow adventure creators and it was very cool! You can check out our trip there in the video below!

Behind The Scenes of Fran Bow


The last development update video of Fran Bow!
Do you also like to see the raw behind the scenes footage of cool movies, games, artists or anything you liked? Because we love those! Especially the ones where they show a normal average day of doing stuff, where we get to see behind the fancy curtains you normally see. Well, if you do, then you will love our last dev video, because it’s super long and very raw from the entire process of making Fran Bow!
This wasn’t planned though, because what we had planned while filming everything for the past years was to make a full awesome documentary where we get into the details of everything. We made a human error by choosing to trust all our video material to one single backup harddrive. By Murphy’s law, the harddrive had to completely die in silence the day we sat down to edit it all together. This led to a lot of drama in the apartment, but after the storm we got the idea of just getting everything we could find and placing them in one last video update, beginning from the start and ending at just a couple of days ago.
Watching it for ourselves, it also works as a reminder and a memory to where we came from and how we started out in game development, so it’s a very special video for us! It’s also the result of still not giving up, even if the crap hits your face with smelly underpants.
It will soon be 10 months after the release of our first big game Fran Bow and today we can almost feel like we are done with everything and can move on to the next project 100%. There are so many projects in mind now that it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead!

We hope you like the video! If not, that’s fine too, we still love you!

Thank you!!! ❤

Behind the scenes, games.
Duration: 54 minutes 17seconds
Release year: 2016

Follow Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson in this raw development video recorded from 2013 to 2016 while creating and releasing their first big game Fran Bow to the world.

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Hello lovely!
We are very happy to announce our new game on the making!
DIFFERENT GALAXY! A story about Galaxy, a very young kitten who happens to be a scout!
And we will follow him into adventure! ( A lot of adventure!!!!)



The mechanics of the game are still in development and they might change according to the story, but at the stage we are today it will be a story driven adventure-hybrid.

We want to make a game that it feels complete in both story and game-play so we are very open to use all mechanics available! It is a bit soon to let you know about details, but we are so hyped that we couldn’t wait! :’D

When it comes to  development tools this time, Isak will be using “UNITY” to program the game so he is very hyped learning C#!!


And because it is in Unity, Natalia is all hyped to be able to give more life to the characters through idle animations and cut-scenes, because UNITY supports Natalia’s favorite animation tool “Anime Studio” The game will be in 2D all hand-drawn!

The story is completed and we are already working on game-play, programming and aesthetics.

(Work in progress)

If you want to follow the development of Different Galaxy, we have a facebook site!
Please share how many times you like! ❤



Thank you for your time! 😀


On August 27, we have a date!


Hello friends! ❤
It’s official! Fran Bow after 3 years of development, finally has a release date: August 27, 2015.
You will find it available on Steam and GOG for Win/Mac/Linux.
The link for GOG is not yet available.
Here is the official trailer!

We will also release a new demo, because the alpha demo is really, really, very much outdated!

Many has already asked about the price for the game.
For Steam it’s set up to cost 14,99 US dollars, which we are not really sure how that will work out for other countries, but I guess some sort of equivalent.
We hope it feels like a fair price! ❤

Here’s a sweet song from the Fran Bow Original soundtrack ❤

There is so much personal stuff that we like to share too. Now that the date is revealed it feels pretty scary and exciting at the same time.
It’s hard to not get too emotional and it’s hard  to let go your baby…
Also testing the game over and over again and seeing the work of 3 years happening there, just in front of your eyes is… strange!

We are in love with all of you that has been helping us in one way or the other and we can’t thank you enough!
Even Mister Red is trying to help ❤


We will be posting about the date of demo release too, so stay tuned! ❤


Have a lovely weekend.
Killmonday Games

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The Fran Bow Mega-News Update!


Making a fundraiser, trying to reach out and completing the demo has been really much work for us two! Especially since I have been forced to work overtime at my day job(which is now turning into day+night job), so Natalia is handling most of the social thing. But that’s good, because she is charming! This is a really fun and tough experience for us both. We are learning so much and getting to know a lot of cool new people! Even if the fundraiser is going really slow right now, it feels good… The demo wasn’t a disaster at least! That was a huge relief to both of us.


We released the Fran Bow demo now! It’s available for WINDOWS, LINUX and MAC! 

We also made Fran go to Steam Greenlight! Hopefully we can reach more people and start building a lovely community who wants to be a part of the process!

Download page!

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Finally we have something new to show and tell from the development of Fran Bow! We scratched the old engine and made an entirely new improved one which will get things done alot faster, and Natalia has been drawing like a maniac. Now when her animation job is over she will put 200% into Fran Bow! Below you can see a poster she made and a screenshot from Chapter 2 and the first page of the storyboard for the intro cutscene! The cat, Midnight, will be an important part of the game. And you will be able to pet him!

Fran Bow poster.


Part of the storyboard.

Chapter 2

A meeting with strange creatures in Chapter 2.


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The diary of Fran Bow #3

We have decided to turn up the development of Fran Bow to maximal and after the respons we have had we found out that it might not be a good idea to show more goodies for a while. Mostly because we need to be focused and make the game that we want to play! The sudden positive respons kind of gives mixed feelings that we didn’t have before, and that could impact the game itself.

We are soon moving over to the next chapter and all the chapters are pretty much done in papers. We will also start looking into when the game will be done, so we can estimate it’s release and plan for a nice weekend of slacking.

There will be updates about the game while we are going forward but not as much! We are in no-life mode right now, and that’s the best mode to be in! When making the game.

May the coffee be with you all.

/Isak & Natalia

This is our workspace, the cat is our backup programmer when Isak fails.

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The diary of Fran Bow #1

Fran Bow was primarly thought as a game we wanted to do for Androids.

We belive android gamers (and us, since we don’t own iphones) should be
able to play more games made with love, sweat and without the milking of
micropayments that are so overpopular in mobile games nowadays. There are
some great games there but they are so hard to find!

Fran Bow might not be the game you play for 5 minutes on the bus, instead
it’s more like a game you play for 30 minutes instead of working. So it’s
not a game aimed at the mainstream audience.

Later on we found out about the different sites for indie games and
steams greenlight so it will also be released on PC! Mainly because
we can do it. If we ever earn anything from it we will make it available
for iOS and the rest also. Right now all our budget went into buying
GM:Studio with the android module.

We are doing in with Game Maker Studio and that has it restrictions, like
not being able to use the 2gb extension files google has to offer. While
it’s a terrible limit to make the game less than 50mb it’s also a very good
thing. Having limits to make your game really pushes the creative problem

Everything in Fran Bow is hand drawn, trying to make it look like a painting.
The programs used is Photoshop and GIMP for the graphics
and AnimeStudio for the animations.

Up until now we are almost done with the first chapter of five. It has been
a tough first chapter since it also included coding the engine and the making
of lots of graphics but as soon as we are done with it we can start
powermaking the remaining chapters! We are hoping it will all come together in
about six months.

That’s the first diary of Fran Bow!
Thank you for reading!

/Isak & Natalia

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