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Bye bye Killmonday Games!

Our wordpress blog has served us good since we started out, but now it’s time to say goodbye and move to another kind of website…!

So, if you want to see what’s up and down, save this new website of ours and embrace the future of Killmonday Games! ❤

/Hugs to all

Natalia & Isak


Different Galaxy Devblog #4

Hello, space-friends!

We have finally released a new devblog video about how things are going with the development of Different Galaxy. So far everything is going very smoothly, and we have managed to get all the big chunks done (backgrounds and code) for the kickstarter demo, so now we can start moving in to the detail phase where we will start putting in all animations, dialogues, interactions and atmosphere, as well as start testing!

We have also promised to ourselves to make a devblog once a month! This way we can push ourselves to always try to deliver something at the end of each month. And did you know, we are livestreaming every sunday 17.00 CET, from our youtube channel? You should come and hang out!

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Hello super-awesomes! Our third development video of Different Galaxy is now done! This is footage from the end of summer up until December 2016. Now with the year soon being over, we can’t wait to jump in to development in overdrive mode for 2017 where we want to release a demo alongside a kickstarter for the game. Hope you enjoy the video!

We also visited London to meet up with other fellow adventure creators and it was very cool! You can check out our trip there in the video below!

Different Galaxy Devlog #2

The next episode of our behind the scenes and making of Different Galaxy is done and out! When building a character or coming up with new ideas for the game, we love to take walks or experience new things. This might sound very generic, but physical motion seems to increase your creative thinking. Why not take a walk outside, get some air and exercise, right? And sometimes we see something new on the way that makes us talk about something we otherwise wouldn’t, and thus contributing to a solution for maybe a problem we have in the story, a puzzle or a character emotion or respons! It’s win-win for everybody! You can have a huge adventure in just taking a 30 min or hour long walk in a nearby park or forest, just be present in your mind. And then we dig ourselves back to the computers for the rest of the day!

Natalia also talks about how we come up with ideas for games, and especially for Different Galaxy. Ideas evolve, they change and adapt, and most often the original idea that sparked the whole thing is nothing near the end result. We did have Galaxy from the start in there, he is our northern star from which we navigate through the story, and when that happens we know we are on to something really awesome. Many ideas we had before and after didn’t have that star so they were left on the shelf of ideas, to be either used for something else or just forgotten entirerly..

Have a great awesome time where ever you are on the planet right now, next episode is on the makings and then we will have more footage from the game itself! 🙂

Through the Galaxy #1


Hello, sweetened awesomener!

Time to update you in what’s going on in Killmonday Games and our future plans!

We have started our new game called Different Galaxy! YAAY! And with it, a new webserie about the development behind it. We will document the process of making the demo for our future kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed to pay our awesome voice actors, translators, a sound person and one additional animator. The video series will also be for our own personal sake, to behold when we have released the game in like 3 years (estimated time!) because it’s always fun looking back. It’s like time-travel!

We always love to challenge ourselves in what we do, so we have chosen to try out Unity for this adventure, and we hope to be able to launch the game on the consoles as well as PC. The prototyping is already going well, Isak is learning C# like a mad nerd and Natalia is drawing in 4k, so you can get maximum immersion.

The game itself will be an adventure game where we are trying out a different approach to the gameplay. It will make you feel all kinds of emotions, challenge your brain, show you the wonders of our universe and beyond, and most importantly give you a fun time!

Stay curious, friends!

Isak & Natalia

PS. Keep track on Different Galaxy and how’s it going here >

Behind The Scenes of Fran Bow


The last development update video of Fran Bow!
Do you also like to see the raw behind the scenes footage of cool movies, games, artists or anything you liked? Because we love those! Especially the ones where they show a normal average day of doing stuff, where we get to see behind the fancy curtains you normally see. Well, if you do, then you will love our last dev video, because it’s super long and very raw from the entire process of making Fran Bow!
This wasn’t planned though, because what we had planned while filming everything for the past years was to make a full awesome documentary where we get into the details of everything. We made a human error by choosing to trust all our video material to one single backup harddrive. By Murphy’s law, the harddrive had to completely die in silence the day we sat down to edit it all together. This led to a lot of drama in the apartment, but after the storm we got the idea of just getting everything we could find and placing them in one last video update, beginning from the start and ending at just a couple of days ago.
Watching it for ourselves, it also works as a reminder and a memory to where we came from and how we started out in game development, so it’s a very special video for us! It’s also the result of still not giving up, even if the crap hits your face with smelly underpants.
It will soon be 10 months after the release of our first big game Fran Bow and today we can almost feel like we are done with everything and can move on to the next project 100%. There are so many projects in mind now that it’s going to be a very exciting time ahead!

We hope you like the video! If not, that’s fine too, we still love you!

Thank you!!! ❤

Behind the scenes, games.
Duration: 54 minutes 17seconds
Release year: 2016

Follow Natalia Figueroa and Isak Martinsson in this raw development video recorded from 2013 to 2016 while creating and releasing their first big game Fran Bow to the world.

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Hello lovely!
We are very happy to announce our new game on the making!
DIFFERENT GALAXY! A story about Galaxy, a very young kitten who happens to be a scout!
And we will follow him into adventure! ( A lot of adventure!!!!)



The mechanics of the game are still in development and they might change according to the story, but at the stage we are today it will be a story driven adventure-hybrid.

We want to make a game that it feels complete in both story and game-play so we are very open to use all mechanics available! It is a bit soon to let you know about details, but we are so hyped that we couldn’t wait! :’D

When it comes to  development tools this time, Isak will be using “UNITY” to program the game so he is very hyped learning C#!!


And because it is in Unity, Natalia is all hyped to be able to give more life to the characters through idle animations and cut-scenes, because UNITY supports Natalia’s favorite animation tool “Anime Studio” The game will be in 2D all hand-drawn!

The story is completed and we are already working on game-play, programming and aesthetics.

(Work in progress)

If you want to follow the development of Different Galaxy, we have a facebook site!
Please share how many times you like! ❤



Thank you for your time! 😀


Fran Bow is mobile! iOs and Android!

Fran Bow is done for mobiles! Now you can enter the Ultrareality on your android device and iphone or ipad, or android tablet. Anywhere you want! Thank you so much for your patience with this and we hope you can finally enjoy the game, if you haven’t already on the PC versions!

In case you wonder why we chose to divide the chapter in to 5 different parts, it’s because the game wouldn’t work as one full game at all on the mobile environment :'(.




Fran Bow released for Android!


Finally, the great heroine Fran is available on android! You can get all the chapters seperately from Google Play right now and share the word 🙂 We recommend you play it during the night, under your blanket, with headphones on.

It took us longer than expected and if you are a iOs user you will have to wait for a bit longer still, since we are waiting for a little software update and then it’s ready to go!

Fran Bow on Google Play!

In case you wonder why we chose to release the game in chapters, this is because we could reduce the amount of memory needed and make it more widely available for more players.