Different Galaxy Devlog #2

The next episode of our behind the scenes and making of Different Galaxy is done and out! When building a character or coming up with new ideas for the game, we love to take walks or experience new things. This might sound very generic, but physical motion seems to increase your creative thinking. Why not take a walk outside, get some air and exercise, right? And sometimes we see something new on the way that makes us talk about something we otherwise wouldn’t, and thus contributing to a solution for maybe a problem we have in the story, a puzzle or a character emotion or respons! It’s win-win for everybody! You can have a huge adventure in just taking a 30 min or hour long walk in a nearby park or forest, just be present in your mind. And then we dig ourselves back to the computers for the rest of the day!

Natalia also talks about how we come up with ideas for games, and especially for Different Galaxy. Ideas evolve, they change and adapt, and most often the original idea that sparked the whole thing is nothing near the end result. We did have Galaxy from the start in there, he is our northern star from which we navigate through the story, and when that happens we know we are on to something really awesome. Many ideas we had before and after didn’t have that star so they were left on the shelf of ideas, to be either used for something else or just forgotten entirerly..

Have a great awesome time where ever you are on the planet right now, next episode is on the makings and then we will have more footage from the game itself! 🙂


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