Fran Bow is released!

Dear awesome friends,

This day, the August of 27th, we finally released our first big game called Fran Bow! We are so happy and proud and excited!!! It’s unbelivable, but very true! The wait to uncover the bloody mystery surrounding Fran and everything happening to her is over, and you can now get it and experience it all! Find Mr. Midnight!

You find different places to get it from our website: and there’s a demo too, if you want to give it a try.

Thank you and hope you try Fran Bow out!
Natalia & Isak
Killmonday Games


One thought on “Fran Bow is released!

  1. Jam Toon says:

    Killmonday, I really appreciate you guys, Fran Bow was the best game I played since Towerfall Ascension, and I say this from deep of my heart, for real!

    Good luck with the console porting in future and with the upcoming games. I’ll be awaiting it right here, on my roots ( golden ) chair.

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