Get the Goscurry soundtrack!

It’s finally done! And I’m proud to release the soundtrack of Goscurry! It’s been a electric ride with Daniele Giardini, who is still working his manly ass off to get it ready for pre-release!

Before the legendary Pirates rip this, you can support my work made with love and irony by buying it from Gumroad or listenting to samples and then buying it here!  For more support, and being the Apple user, you can get it on Itunes also! (For alot of extra $!)

It’s on Spotify also! 😀



2 thoughts on “Get the Goscurry soundtrack!

  1. And it’s magnifantastic! Electrodazzling! Shockatomatose!

  2. I just played Goscurry, great game, awesome soundtrack too 🙂

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