Finally we have something new to show and tell from the development of Fran Bow! We scratched the old engine and made an entirely new improved one which will get things done alot faster, and Natalia has been drawing like a maniac. Now when her animation job is over she will put 200% into Fran Bow! Below you can see a poster she made and a screenshot from Chapter 2 and the first page of the storyboard for the intro cutscene! The cat, Midnight, will be an important part of the game. And you will be able to pet him!

Fran Bow poster.


Part of the storyboard.

Chapter 2

A meeting with strange creatures in Chapter 2.


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5 thoughts on “THE DIARY OF FRAN BOW #4

  1. Gary Paluk says:

    Looks fantastic, keep up the good work.

  2. yea, sweet ass storyboard so far

  3. Natalia, Isak, Fran Bow looks great. Good job! I’m an indie game developer myself ( and as I was going through your site and reading your animation articles, I thought that it would be a great idea to do a discussion on game animation, or coding, etc with one or both of you. I’m looking to discuss my game, so perhaps we could do something together, discussing both of our titles. It could make for a fun, entertaining article for your blog. Let me know. You can follow me on Twitter (@DioxisMining) and then DM me.


  4. feng says:

    interesting game!

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