Fran Bow – October Special Video – Answering the questions!


Hello, friends!

We have made another video where we answer questions we got from our facebook and twitter! In short we can say that we are currently working on part 4 of 5 of Fran Bow, so the game is coming along great, and we don’t know any release date yet. Also, we now are translating the game from english to: German and Spanish! 


Have a great eerie and creepy October,

Killmonday Games


Fran Bow update! Music & Sound preview and more!

Hello, dear awesome friends!

Here’s an update on the progress of Fran Bow!

We can’t say anymore a certain date when the game will be complete and released and we will try to explain why as good as possible, and how far we have come!

First of all, don’t worry about the game not being made, because the game is our life nowadays! Before and during the demo, we had a technical limitation that the game had to be max 50mb big in total, so we had to cut away tons of content that we otherwise wanted to make. That changed with time and the limit went away, so we decided to make both chapter one and two all over. We thought that we could just add the contents missing, but ended up making EVERYTHING new, so the story and immersion could be maximal. So in a way, we have made the game from scratch since the Indiegogo campaign ended.

Then came chapter three, which was a big leap for us. Also, it was a huge time of discovery and research for the expansion of the game lore. That chapter is really huge! It’s the center of the game, a place where you find answers, a very free chapter. It’s packed with NPCS and places you can go and stuff you can do. It has taken a long time for Natalia to draw everything up until now, and to keep track of every line of text so the red line never fades in the story.

That has been the development part, but 2014 has been a very tough emotional time too that has affected us in many ways. Three persons from our families passed away, and it always came as a shock. However, death is absolutely natural and a part of life. We can’t mourn them forever, but keep the good memories alive and cherish the ones that are alive everyday.

Good things has happened also! Like Natalias cousin, Catalina, who will help us in making the awesome Mr. Midnight dolls! And that Natalia finally made a logo worthy of Fran Bow, and Daniele Giardini who has made our new website that will launch when we start releasing the game. And as we keep on progressing in the game, we are getting more and more hyped about the whole thing! We can’t wait until you get to play it, and immerse yourself in the huge adventure Fran is heading to!

We hope that you understand the delay, and we promise to send out all the perks and everything we promised when the game is being released!

Many hugs and love to you!
And thank you for your patience!
Isak, Natalia and Mr.Red.

Something new to look at from Fran Bow!

Hello friends!

We wanted to show you some of the new environments and improvements we did to Fran Bow.

The screenshots can be found in our Steam site :

As you see in the new screenshots some new npc have been added, new places and almost 98% of the graphics have been done again.

We feel very happy with the game and how it’s coming along. We didn’t want to show you before, because we have been working and changing things all the time.

But now Part 1 and 2 of the game are 99% finished! And the 3rd part is growing for everyday!


walking on woodsCatdollWe hope you enjoy the new things from the game!
Have a great week!

Killmonday games and Mr. Red

Candy Puppet Saga released!


Candy Puppet Saga is a game made in a weekend for the Candyjam, where the goal was to make a game involving candies. And using the word candy, saga, edge, scroll etc a lot.

So we chose the special little red puppet, Mr Red, as our main protagonist in his quest to start his own business as a candyman, by invading the candy planet and killing everyone!


You shoot and aim with the mouse, get the money so you can purchase upgrades in the Candy Shop and try finding out what the big secret is!


It features a simulated realistic in-app purchase store where you can spend money in the game even though it’s free.


It has a Story mode with 25 levels of Candy Crushing mayhem.


And when you beat that you can head to the store and purchase the Endless mode, that never ends!


So you can gather enough money to buy the secret! And know the secret!


Goscurry… Is finally done!


Goscurry, a hard game made by our friend Daniele Giardini, is finally done! He has worked his stallion sweat over a year to get the game done! And now.. it’s done! And we are super happy for him! We met when both him and us started with our projects, Fran Bow and Goscurry. Isak got the honour of doing a tune for his game, and after Daniele went dancing with it he made the entire soundtrack, so he is very happy and proud today too!

We wish him the best of all lucks and that people enjoy this gem of a game, because it is really something awesome that will blow most of your brains out!

Check out the release trailer and then jump straight to for more! There’s even a playable alpha demo on the site so you can try it out!

And lastly, help Goscurry get on Steam! It would really be awesome competing against everyone for the highscore with the Steam users included! 

This is the last known photo of Mr Giardini. So you know the face of the one responsible of your future Goscurryrage!


Merry Christmas! Wishes Killmonday games and Mr.Red!

We have been working very hard on our game Fran Bow and we needed to take a break. In that break we decided to do a little Christmas present! The Mr.Red’s adventure game! It took us 3 days to put the game together and then 2 days for making trailer and exporting it and testing it.
Hope you like it! It is a hard platform game with permadeath! Like old games! So beware!

(Available for free. WinMacLinuxKongregateGamejolt, Newgrounds)

Merry Christmas to you and lots of hugs!

Natalia,  Isak  and Mr. Red!


Videlog #6 – Give us the Greenlight to Go!

It’s been a while since we made one of these and it’s mostly because after the indiegogo campaign we dove right in to working like maniacs and using the time gained to visit places we always wanted to get inspiration! And we have improved the first part of the game extremely! Looking at the alpha demo we feel it’s really just a tiny taste of the full experience, and hopefully for the next year we can have the official demo done. 

Right now we are seeing how Valve is greenlighting a huge amount of games into Steam and we are close to stay in the top 30! It’s going down fast though, since we arn’t pushing hard enough on getting votes and views on our greenlight page though, but hopefully it will go nicely before the year ends..

You can always help us out by voting! That would mean a lot to us!

The work has begun!

Hello everyone and sorry for the late update!

After the indiegogo we have been getting things in order and ready for us to start developing the game, and we also needed a few days to rest our minds!

Now we are back in action and have already done many improvements, such as adding the localization feature to the game so you can expect the game to be translated into tons of languages now! Primary focus for the release is English, Spanish and German! French and Russian will also be targeted, that would be cool to have on release.

Oswald AsylumYou know the demo had one floor in the instutition? It will now have 3 floors! Originally we wanted to make it bigger, more alive and immersive but we didn’t have the resources. Now we can do it! The entire game will be how we wanted to make it from the beginning, and that means more to explore, to feel and a much wider experience in the story.
We have also made some really time-saving improvements to the engine, so the time saved will go into making this the best game we can for the release, someting we feel delivers what we want and no stress will alter the final product!

We have been discussing the story and puzzles a lot and taken into account all the feedback we had from the gamers, and feel like we can’t wait to show you the rest of the game! And there will be many easter eggs to be found ;)


The next achievement to unlock is to get Fran Bow on Steam with Greenlight! So help us out by voting and sharing <3

Fran Bow, updated demo and android version!

With less than 30 days left on our crowd funder we decided to update the DEMO so that it has more of the Fran Bow spirit we want it to have.

  • New sound design
  • More animations
  • A new secret character has a quest appearance
  • Tons of bug fixes

We also released the demo on Google Play! So now you can experience the horrors of Fran Bow where ever you go!

Now what’s our next step? We need to get noticed by more people! That’s the biggest part of our time right now. We have had so many lovely people helping us already who we are so grateful of meeting. It feels like people really feel with Fran and that’s what we wanted to happen! See past the horror, the gore and the hideous world and just care for Fran. It’s amazing! Now we need to reach the bigger news sites, so that people who don’t know about Fran do! It is really hard when it’s just the two of us, with no name behind us or connections, but we will prevail! For us, the crowd funder is already a big victory, and it would be even greater for everyone that has supported us that we see it made! That way we can actually finish the game!

Youtubers have proven to be a huge help, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!


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The development videolog #2 – Lost in PR, featuring Mr. Red!

We released the second videolog of Fran Bow, the indiegogo campaign! This time we are more tired as you can see, since we just learned the hard way how to reach people and PR. It’s really really tough! But we have had some awesome feedback and the responses to the demo has been beautiful! It really lifts up the day for everyone here in casa Killmonday! The link to the campaign if you want to support us somehow is right here!


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